Thursday, 17 October 2013

Shameful and Despicable CPIB and Its Chief Eric Tan

CPIB and its (ex) chief are very unprofessional and their behaviour is as good as street gangsters and thugs. Below are the facts which I gathered from publicly available information. There are so many examples of CPIB failure and negligents and shame to all the Singaporeans who blindly believe that PAP is the most capable political party in Singapore.

1) Arrogant, Uncivil and Disrespectful to their own Predecessor.
Yoong Siew Wah was once CPIB Director. However Eric Tan purposely shamed him by not inviting him to CPIB 60th Anniversary.

An Aspect of the CPIB Arrogant, Uncivil?

2) Corruption and Dishonest within CPIB
This is the mother of all jokes. Mr. Yoong Siew Wah summed up nicely in his article:
The Downfall of Eric Tan, CPIB Director

Mr Edwin Yeo cheated SGD1.8MILLION from CPIB and it was all due to Eric Tan negligent. However, Eric Tan was merely transferred to other division as his talent is greatly appreciated my Lee Hsien Loong.

Quote From PM LEE
He will be redeployed to other duties where his knowledge and experience will be valuable.

3) Serial Womaniser Teng Khee Fatt
This old fart must be the serial womaniser in CPIB and he accompanied Cecilia Sue in a sedan car. He must have the sexual urge when he sniffed Cecilia Sue perfume in the car. This was exposed by Tan Chee Meng, SC.

This only shows that CPIB is downright unprofessional from top Eric Tan and Teng Khee Fatt to Edwin Yeo.

Senior CPIB officer with Cecilia Sue in car after October case, court hears

4) Forgetful CPIB Teng Khee Fatt
He forgot to write the word "not" in his station diary. I think this guy dreamed too much of Cecilia Sue?

Quote from Teng Khee Fatt:
Earlier, the court also took issue with an entry in Teng’s station diary which indicated that Sue had told him that she was willing to take a lie detector test. The senior officer replied that he had missed out the word “not” in his notes.

5) Uneducated and Hokkien Peng CPIB Teng Khee Fatt
This guy failed his basic English but he is a deputy Director!
Quote from Teng Khee Fatt:
The CPIB deputy director said that he had asked professor to only look up the word "conscientious" for him in the dictionary, as he could not spell it.

6) Prudish and Old Virgin CPIB Teng Khee Fatt
According to this man, "It was not possible for a girl to buy a guy a gift."

7) Gangster and Thugs in CPIB
This article from ex SPH editor mentioned all the dirty tricks by CPIB from top Teng Khee Fatt to young thugs like Wilson Khoo and Bay Chun How
CPIB: In the dock?

CPIB threatened to arrest Tey Tsun Hang wife just like law enforcers threatened to arrest Tang Liang Hong wife.
Hello, why corruption is linked to accused wife?

alleged threats to arrest his wife and detain him and instances of being "badgered" to confess to accepting items from his students were accepted by Justice Woo.

8) Anyhow Tangkap (Catch) CPIB
CPIB have very little legal knowledge. However, due to the immerse power given by PM Lee, they anyhow tangkap and charged people and sent them to Jail!

Anyhow tangkap 1 (IKEA)
Choo Han Teck
He said: "The offence of corruption does not capture a situation like the present one, where he created his own secret benefit and not that it was a gratification given to him as a reward. Whatever the appellant was guilty of, I find that it was not corruption under the PCA (Prevention of Corruption Act)."

Anyhow Tangkap 2: (SEAGATE LOGISTICS)
Choo Han Teck
He said: "Corruption is a narrow subset of situations which involve a conflict of interest and is defined under the Prevention of Corruption Act.
“The inference that suspicious activities arising from a conflict of interest must be corrupt must be resisted."

9) Nepotism in CPIB
Initially Bernard Lim Yong Soon was investigated and charged by CPIB. However, after the subsequent charge and during Pre Trial Conference, the charge was changed to the less serious charge of lying.

Brompton bike fiasco: NParks officer accused of lying to auditors claiming trial

Given the above list of examples, do you still trust CPIB of Singapore?

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