Friday, 18 October 2013

The fate of District Judge Michael Khoo and Tan Siong Thye

Do you still remember Michael Khoo?
He is a senior counsel, senior district judge, registrar of the supreme court, deputy public prosecutor. He is such a high calibre legal eagle.

Why he was transferred from Senior District Judge to Deputy Public Prosecutor?
He was a senior district judge in JBJ 1986 trial and he found JBJ clear of all charges except one. The invisible hand was very upset and immediately AGC claimed for retrial and JBJ was sentenced to jail. Michael Khoo was transferred to AGC immediately after JBJ trial.

Michael Khoo is one of the courageous sinkie judge that we ever see and he is definitely not a judge without backbone.

Now, let us look at Tan Siong Thye academic credential. He was a chief district judge. He was graduated in 1979.
He is definitely not a brilliant NUS graduate in his batch compared with CJ Choo Han Teck and Ho Peng Kee.
Insider said that Tan Siong Thye is not even a second class upper law graduate.
His academic credential is just so so.

Readers may want to ask why Tan Siong Thye is promoted to High Court?

On the same day, See Kee On and Ong Hian Sun were also promoted.

Now look at See Kee Oon and Ong Hian Sun academic credentials
See Kee Oon: FIRST CLASS honours from Cambridge

Ong Hian Sun
This guy has solid background and holds different positions compared with Tan Shiong Thye.

So Tan Siong Thye is the weakest but promoted to the highest rank in High Court.
Why is that so?
This guy is a ball carrier and under his belt, he brokered SMRT case.

he said:
In his closing remarks, Chief District Judge Tan Siong Thye said train operator SMRT had shown it was prepared to learn from its mistakes.

so much money has been spent on SMRT court case and what has Tan Siong Thye contributed to Singapore society? None as he only talked the good things on behalf of SMRT.
Do you see any improvement on SMRT after the legal case handled by Tan Siong Thye?

Singapore is not a meritocracy country!
In Singapore, in order to succeed in life, you dont have to be a first class or second class upper law graduate.
Most Importantly, you must be able to carry the balls and you are one of the clans.

Otherwise why MR SEE KEE OON Cambridge First Class is not as good as Tan Siong Thye?
Otherwise why MR MICHAEL KHOO SC was not promoted to High Court?

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